Friday, July 25, 2014

Tower Hill traffic lights

Vigil for victims of Tower Hill accident
Quite a few residents have complained about the removal of the right turn filter light at the Walsall Road/Beeches Road junction.

Jon Hunt met the engineers responsible at the site recently to explain the problems it has caused.

The removal was done following the campaign we led for improved safety at this junction (watch for new signs etc). The engineers say it will deter drivers from performing illegal u-turns because they have to be more cautious.

They say that drivers still have the same amount of time to do the right turn - as the southbound traffic is still stopped in the same way.

Unfortunately they failed to tell anyone what they proposed to do - especially the ward councillors. We had to put two and two together when the filter light mysteriously disappeared and let off a few "fireworks" to find out what was happening.

Following Jon's site meeting it was agreed that more time could be allowed for “right turning” here in the afternoon rush hour as southbound traffic on the Walsall Road is not heavy. But they will not agree to reinstate the filter light.

Following our campaign last year, the engineers have agreed there are problems caused by illegal u-turns and large numbers of pedestrians. But they have currently rejected our proposal for a 30mph zone. They’ve agreed a new speed camera would help but can’t guarantee when it will go in.

* Update. We've agreed that the engineers should come to the next ward committee meeting to hear residents' concerns and give a full briefing on the work at Tower Hill. This will be on Thursday September 17th at 7pm at Perry Hall Methodist Church, Rocky Lane.