Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer News 3 - Booths Farm area

Football in the Park!
Continental Star Football club, Turnberry Park, daily from 10.30am-3pm, Mon to Fri.
During term-time the club will run on Thursday nights at 5pm until half-term.
 Food provided (free). Contact 07773 321568 for more info; There’s skills training in the morning and games in the afternoon. In the wet weather they use The Motorway Tunnel. All ages welcome from 8 to 18.
Thanks for the Funday
A big thanks to those who supported the FunDay and Classic Cars in the park in June. A special thanks are due to the organisers, Melvin and Pauline, Booths Farm Neighbourhood Forum, the Trehurst Centre and the Booths Farm Neighbourhood Watch.

Improving the Park
We’re continuing step by step improvements to the park.
  • The football club is possible because of the £20,000 spent from community chest earlier this year to drain the field after our consultations with you, the local residents.
From community chest we’ve also agreed:
  • to replace the barrier at Turnberry Road;
  • to replace the litter bin in the children’s play area;
  • to install a pair of permanent goal-posts for knock-about football.
Next priority: get the woodland cleared of rubbish. This has been stuck in red tape for years because the woodland is owned by the housing department. Now some ideas are being explored to get round this and make this an area that can be used for pleasant walks.
This wood is NOT a tip!
One set back: money was going to come from the Booths Lane development for the park. Because of financial problems at the Golf Range and the economic depression it looks as if that development may not happen for some time.
Do you have ideas for improving the park? Let us know.
Crime Alert
There are criminals operating in this area. Please ensure you keep security gates closed and locked and watch for any suspicious activity.
Don’t forget you can chat to the local police teams by calling 428 6140
Other summer holiday activities:
     There are also activities at the Alexander Stadium, the GMAC(gymnastics and martial arts) and the Beeches Fitness Centre. These involve small daily charges.