Sunday, November 13, 2011

Vote for our local parks

Local people have been putting effort into turning our parks around - and we've been helping them.

Now we need everyone to take one simple step to make a big difference. Yes it's an on-line vote. You need to follow this link and vote for Perry Hall Park (called Perry Hall Playing Fields in true municipal style in the description).

This week we hope we, as local councillors, will be agreeing to renew our pioneering park ranger project. Only since August the ranger has been working in all our green spaces, encouraging volunteers, coming up with ideas for improvements and trying to make them happen.

Here are more details of the contest:

"2012 marks Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and we want to ensure that it is celebrated in fitting style. The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, operated by Fields in Trust, is a fantastic new campaign to protect 2012 outdoor recreational spaces in communities all across the country as a permanent living legacy of this great event.

From sports pitches to woodlands, children's play areas to gardens and bicycle trails to parks, the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge will protect a diverse range of outdoor spaces ensuring that there is something to appeal to everyone.

Whether you live in a dense city or the middle of the countryside recreational spaces are the heart of any community and the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge will ensure that these outdoor spaces are guaranteed for future generations.

Securing access to grassroots sporting facilities is particularly relevant given the other milestone event taking place in the UK in 2012 – the London Olympics. What better way to mark the greatest sporting show on earth?

The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge will give communities an opportunity to vote for an outdoor space in their area to become part of the scheme and be permanently protected as a tribute to the Diamond Jubilee."