Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Karen champions Park

Question tabled at January City Council meeting from Cllr Karen Hamilton to the chair of the Perry Barr district committee, Cllr Mahmood Hussain:

Will the chair confirm he will maintain the existing informal boundary on the River Tame in Perry Hall Park allowing cricketers to make full use of the west side of the park to ensure there is no repeat of the community tension that existed three years ago when cricket pitches were extended into recreational areas on the east side of the park?

The Parks Cricket League is a very successfully run league and Perry Hall Playing Fields is considered to be the most popular venue for parks cricket.

Denand for more cricket provision continues and we are considering options at Perry Hall Playing Fields.

I recognise the history of opposition to adding to the site's formal sports provision on the east side of the River Tame and appreciate the need to strike the right balance of parks provision, both formal and informal for all our users.

Any decision will take into account the views of the local ward councillors and the wider community, including the Park's Friends Group and the Birmingham Parks Cricket League.