Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Clifton Cinema plans revealed

A new planning application for the Clifton Cinema has at last arrived and it looks promising.
Cllrs Ray Hassall and Karen Hamilton at the cinema

The proposal is to turn it into a banqueting suite, conference centre and restaurant. This would mean a lot of weddings taking place there.

The restaurant would be located on an upper floor and so would stand alone from the banqueting suite, which would fill the bulk of the old hall.

We've studied the plans and the developers seem keen to enhance the features of this historic 1930s building. For instance there is a proposal to reveal the original balustrading on the internal balcony,

Frameless double glazing will be used to enclose and protect the front of the building and its leaded windows.

Last time there was an application we had a problem as the developers wanted dancing into the early hours of the morning. No suggestion of that this time.

 The dereliction of the cinema has dismayed the community. We have had a constant battle to keep the site clear of dumping and a fire last year made the building look even more abandoned. So it's really good news that someone has come up with plans - and that these plans involve continued public use.

Please take the time to check the plans for yourself. Are there improvements that can be made?

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