Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wireless music festival arrangements

By now most affected residents should have had access permits for next week's event in Perry Park (July 4-6th). These allow access to local roads and to parking.

Every household's getting two permits. If you need more you can go to the Alexander Stadium, with ID, and ask for extra.

If you are visiting Perry Barr for the event, welcome! We hope you have a great time. Please respect our neighbourhood and, if you are driving, please use the official car parks.

The festival comprises three separate days of events, with artists, such as Bruno Mars, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams performing in London and Birmingham over the weekend. There are now weekend camping facilities and camping will not be allowed in the local parks.

All local residents, including those not in the parking zones, should have received, on the Focus,by now the helpline number for the event. It is 0207 009 3410. Use the number if there are obstructions  or other problems. By all means let your local councillors know if there are problems and we will try to help if they do not seem to be sorted. Call 0121 240 9689 or email one of us.

There will be tow trucks around over the weekend to enforce parking restrictions. These will be primarily used when parked vehicles cause an obstruction.

The areas that will be barriered, allowing resident only access are, as follows:
Church Road
Cliveden Avenue
Roads off Perry Avenue (but not the Avenue itself)
Rocky Lane, Walsall Road end
Rocky Lane, junction with Baltimore and Coleraine Roads
Kingsdown Avenue
Perry Park Crescent
Fairview Avenue/Gainsborough Road
Tower Hill
Roads between Thornbridge Avenue and the park - ie Monsal Rd, Holmesfield Rd, Longstone Rd, Haddon Rd