Monday, October 22, 2012

Tower Hill safety petition

We've been around collecting signatures for a large petition calling for road safety action at the Tower Hill/ Walsall Road junction.

Last week Karen Hamilton presented some 600 signatures at the monthly meeting of the city council.

We collected the petition after a series of disturbing accidents over the summer months including one tragic fatality.

This has highlighted several issues but we think the priority is to reduce speed through the junction. It's currently at 40mph and we think it should be cut to 30mph as it is at the Scott Arms up the road. This is because it's a very, very busy pedestrian area with bus stops, the library, GP surgery, pharmacy and a big Co-op together with a post office and other shops.

Cllr Karen Hamilton -   
presented petition

There are other causes of concern. There is bad and illegal driving - with people frequently doing illegal and unnecessary u-turns. There are problems turning right into Tower Hill and Beeches Road. And there is a pedstrian route to the north of the main traffic lights that is not protected by pedestrian rights - so too many people are dodging through the traffic to cross the road. And there are complaints about the visibility of  the pelican crossing by the post office - as drivers coming down the road at 40mph may focus on the main junction.

Karen Hamilton said: "Our petition says urgent. There is a great deal that can be done without spending lots of money. We know there are accident investigations going on. But we need senior engineers and police officers to support us in recognising there is a serious problem caused by speeding and reckless driving."

Our thanks to those who have helped collect signatures. We are planning to submit more so please get in touch if you want a form!

Don't forget the councillors put regular updates on their Facebook pages. You can now "like" or "subscribe" without having to make a friend request!