Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer News - Edition Two

Carnival update and details of some summer activities...

  1. Birmingham Carnival – new noise controls
    The Carnival is being held in Perry Park on August 2nd. The procession is due to arrive at Church Road between 3.30 and 4.30pm

    A number of residents supported us in making a submission to the Licensing Committee about the Carnival so we could get new and tougher noise controls.

    The committee has now met and agreed tight restrictions on noise levels.

    It’s not to exceed 65 decibels in any nearby properties (including the flats) and there will be professional monitoring on the site. Last time sound levels reached 84db in the Perry Villa estate.

    In addition the carnival organisers have agreed to set up a hotline for residents if noise gets intolerable – and to do something about it. We did not get all the restrictions we asked for. However we have explained to the organisers that last time, very loud sound systems were placed facing down the hill in Perry Park – and this sound reflected off the big lake, leading to many complaints on the Beeches Estate.

    If you think the noise is getting too loud this time, please call the Carnival hotline 303 3008. By all means let us know also!

    We are also looking for a couple of residents to volunteer to host noise monitoring equipment on the day so the problem can be properly monitored. These are small devices which will be installed by the council’s environmental protection unit. Please call Cllr Karen Hamilton 507 1047 if you can assist.

    If you are in the usual “exclusion zone”, you should have received a residents’ access pass. Stewards should be directing carnival visitors to the official car parks around the park site and we’ve been promised the Walsall Road closure – which can cause big problems – will be better timed this year.
    The official carnival residents’ hotline is 303 3008.

    If you have additional problems, Karen Hamilton is on stand-by to assist in the run-up to the event on 507 1047. During the day you can call the following mobile number 07505 351416.

    Perry Park
    As many residents will have noticed, the contractors were ordered to “try again” after they made a hash of the area between Perry Park Crescent and the GMAC. It’s improved but we still don’t think it’s good enough.

    We also ordered, through community chest, a pair of goal posts to create a kick-about area that side of the park for local residents.

    Some summer holiday activities:
    - Open air play activities for 5-13 year olds, Mon-Fri, all day, Turnberry Park ( access from Trehurst Avenue) until August 7th. Contact 0121 675 8528.
    -Football club, Turnberry Park, daily from 10.30am, Mon to Fri, until August 28th , food provided(free) contact 07773 321568;
    -Holiday club, Beeches Chapel, mornings, July 27 to 31;
    -Thornbridge Allotments Summer Show, Saturday August 8th;
    -There are also activites at the Alexander Stadium, the GMAC(gymnastics and martial arts) and the Beeches Fitness Centre. These involve small daily charges.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Ward committee – meet your councillors!
Updates on the carnival, speedway and parks are due to be given at the Perry Barr ward committee to be held at 7pm on Monday July 13th at the Methodist Church on Rocky Lane (by junction of Lavendon Road).

An application for permanent planning permission has been submitted for this. Residents who live in the vicinity of the stadium will receive further details from us. As ward councillors we recognise the event has many fans but also that the noise disruption from racing is currently intolerable for many people living close by.
This may be the last chance for residents to do anything about the noise.
You can comment on-line at: or by writing to: Planning Management, Birmingham City Council, PO Box 28, Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street Queensway, Birmingham B1 1TU .
quoting application number: N/02660/09/FUL. Deadline July 29th

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Birmingham Carnival
A reminder that this is due to be held on Sunday August 2nd . The event’s in Perry Park with parking in Perry Hall Park.
There is to be a licensing hearing on July 20th and many residents have made submissions – so there may be last minute alterations. We have submitted strong evidence that there needs to be better control of noise and that the Carnival Procession needs to keep to time (because of the disruption to traffic lateness causes).
If you live are in the usual “exclusion zone”, you should receive a residents’ access pass the week beforehand. The official residents’ hotline is 303 3008.
If you have additional problems, Karen Hamilton is on stand-by to assist in the run-up to the event on 507 1047.
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Perry Hall Park
Two petitions have recently been submitted to the council about issues over this park. The local councillors are fighting a proposal to remove the park warden, who has done excellent work with the Friends of the Park and other volunteers to improve things.
We’ve also followed up complaints about access to cricket pitches and rubbish left following cricket games. The park keeper has mowed practice pitches for people who’d like to try their hand at cricket (but please don’t use hard balls!). In addition we’ve agreed to develop two community playing fields on this side of the river. New football posts will be erected (paid for from community chest), the ground surface checked and repaired to remove hazards and the grass mowed short over the area of a football pitch. A third pitch will go in by Perry Park Crescent on Perry Park when the grassing of this area is finally complete (following mistakes made by the contractors)
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Letting Boards
Following complaints from residents and the local councillors, the planning department has launched a crackdown on “TO LET” signs. It’s become clear these are being left up for advertising purposes even when properties have been rented. Please let us know if you think this is happening in your neighbourhood.

Many thanks to the civic-minded individuals who have ordered skips for neighbourhood clean-ups. If a City Council skip appears on your back-land it is there to enable you to clear the shared land and drive areas. Please do not use them for personal use!

Church Road – will be closed for through traffic July 13th for eight weeks for water mains work.