Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Park warden

Quite a lot of discussion about the imminent arrival of Perry Hall Park's new park warden at the ward advisory board last night.

It was disappointing that the warden was not in place for the summer as the post has been planned for some time.

We hope to see the warden at the next ward advisory board meeting in early January. My point is that the warden can use the winter months to meet community groups and pick up on outstanding issues - of which there are many.

A lot of questions about their job description and whether there is a difference between a park warden and a park ranger. Also questions about whether they will have access to a loo or have to walk to the Alexander Stadium.

The department seem very pleased about their appointment. A good warden will have an opportunity to get a lot of things moving. There is a great deal of support and affection for this park and a lot of volunteer effort that can be harnessed.

As part of that the board also agreed to support a £1,000 community chest grant to the local dog-walking group Bark For the Park. The group will hold the money for Norman Ball, the volunteer who looks after what is now an ornamental moat. Originally I understand this was a boating moat. Thanks to Norman's efforts it is now a haven for wildfowl and an attractively maintained feature. He had a grant a few years ago and this effectively tops it up.

Also agreed a grant of £1,000 to Booths Farm Neighbourhood Forum. This tops up a previous grant for dealing with gating issues but they will now increasingly get involved in ensuring alley-gate locks are maintained and replaced if damaged.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Planning Applications

Information about recent Birmingham planning applications are available on the council website at Planning Online.

Planning Online allows you to search by application number, the application status, type, decision type, district, ward, location, applicant, agent, date registered etc.

If you need more information contact the planning department on 303 1115.


This site will be used to provide even more information to residents.

Please keep checking back to find out what is happening in Perry Barr.