Friday, October 02, 2009

Speedway Hopes and Trees

Two developments on Wednesday which offer hope of a rapid solution to keeping Speedway at Perry Barr.

Firstly during the evening the Speedway tested out the new reduced noise exhaust systems on Wednesday night. The aim is to reduce noise levels by about 10 decibels.

Jon and Karen listened at various locations and were pleased to note the way it reduced the volume of noise across Perry Barr. If you live in the area of the track we'd value your feedback (please email with your address ) on the success of this.

Earlier in the day Karen, Ray and Jon visited the track and met promoter Graham Drury to discuss further environmental measures.

This was an exciting and productive meeting. Graham is suggesting planting about 100 metres of fast-growing high conifer trees along the line of the bank of the River Tame. We've expressed concerns that the river is acting as an echo chamber - you can see in the picture behind Ray Hassall, there's a chain-link fence and then the river, which is flanked by factory walls. Once fully grown, this line of trees would help prevent sound reaching the river and screen the track from both the Nash Square and Cliveden/Teddington neighbourhoods of Perry Barr.

It would also have a big environmental impact. It would hugely improve the appearance of Perry Barr as you approach it from the Birchfield flyover and would provide a green, leafy backdrop to the stadium.

Ray said: "As everybody knows, I've made it my mission in recent years to get trees back into Birmingham. This proposal from the Speedway would make a big contribution as well as helping to ensure the noise from racing does not give residents cause to complain in future years.

"I shall be doing what I can to provide advice and support to Speedway to make this happen and have begun talks with our experts in the parks department."

He added: "During the three years I was cabinet member for the leisure department we increased the rate of tree planting from 1,000 trees a year to 3,000 trees."


Anonymous said...

Jon and Karen, you didnt go the the sound testing that was done, so your judgement on the sound reduction is one of self notice, why didnt you go with them and look at evidence? as a local Perry Barr resident I feel you are not working close enough with the speedway club to resolve this issue... so you went to a meeting with them and one a few years ago, but all you have done is moan... work with them!!! because you have already lost all the speedway fans votes in the area, but you will lose more if the sport goes.

Karen said...

Anonymous we have have been working with the speedway club. You can confirm this by speaking to the club directly.

David said...

To be fair, this latest story from the Liberal Democrats (now on the main Brummies site), represents a significant change in stance from earlier offerings.
Whilst their behaviour on the Brummies previously will continue to leave a sour taste in the mouth, not to say many hundreds of lost votes, its pleasing to see this positive change of attitude.
Everyone stands to gain, not least Ray, Jon and Karen, together with the whole Perry Barr community, if the long term future of the Brummies is secured.

Perry Barr Focus Team said...

David not a change in stance but improved communication. We were never against speedway. As councillors we need to support both local residents and speedway. That is something I am sure you will agree is the best for the community. We have worked hard behind the scenes to get a resolution that works and is sustainable. You might not recognise what we have done now but someday in the future you will see the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Change your stance just admit it!
The speedway Club attended a ward meeting at Rocky Lane about 18 months ago or so, And your 'Team' said they would pass on any complaints to the club... They received none, next thing they know is your not supporting speedway, and trying to get locals to complain about a noise, and even then, the petition was... well we don’t need to go there again do we, you know it was rubbish and with false and missing information. Now you have realised the back lash locally and in Council you’re changing the tune... Normal politician