Saturday, October 03, 2020

Josh's Flyover campaign

Local campaigner Josh Bunting is working with Jon and Morriam on a new campaign to get the roadworks at Perry Barr stopped - to spare our area from gridlock this winter.

You can find the petition here:

This is what the petition says:

The new development in Perry Barr is not now being used for the Commonwealth Games. In addition everyone is desperate to get back to work after the pandemic.

These are two big reasons for not going ahead with demolition of the Perry Barr Flyover this winter. Lane restrictions on the A34 and traffic lights at Birchfield Island are already caused gridlock, even before flyover demolition is attempted.

We call for work to be suspended on the Perry Barr Regeneration Project while an independent review is conducted of its costs, purpose and benefits. There is no urgency now that the project is not needed for the Commonwealth Games. Indeed the council should not risk having unfinished road schemes in 2022.

For the last two years the local community has been asking how traffic will move during demolition of the flyover - and even now the answer is just to find other routes. Perry Barr is a crucial bottleneck on the way into Birmingham and asking thousands of drivers to find other routes will simply gridlock the  inadequate local road network.

The review should examine the evidence of the impact of the project on crucial bus routes, such as the 997, and ask why better ways of delivering improvements have not been found.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Gerry Jerome standing for parliament

Gerry Jerome is to be the Liberal Democrat candidate for Perry Barr in the 12th December general election, it has been announced.

Gerry runs an IT business and lives in Birmingham. In his earlier life he was a Liberal Democrat councillor and knows all about standing up for local people.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Don't demolish the flyover!

Jon raised the alarm in June about proposals to demolish the Perry Barr flyover being considered as part of the work around the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

This would see a huge traffic light junction created at Perry Barr. Planners seem to think this is the simplest thing to do so solve the problems in this area. The problem is the work will cause huge traffic congestion and then afterwards all cars will queue in multiple lanes outside the new Perry Barr station. So then we would need another Clean Air Zone.

It would also cause huge upset just when good work is being done to build the athletes' village and rebuild the station.

So far more than 1,000 people have signed an on-line petition to keep the flyover. You can find it here:

You will find more regular updates on our work on our Facebook page:

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Funeral of the late Ray Hassall

We can confirm the arrangements for Ray Hassall's funeral this Friday (12th May). The funeral is at Aston Parish Church, Witton Lane, Birmingham B6 6QA at 1230pm. The church is large - but we are expecting a few people so please be seated in good time. Aston Villa have kindly agreed to provide parking in the Holte End Car Park (turn right up Trinity Road, facing the church and then right into the car park). The wake will be at the Alexander Stadium. Doors will open at 1.45pm - with light refreshments served) and we are expecting the funeral cortege to arrive about 2.30pm following a private ceremony at the Perry Barr Crem. There is plenty of parking at the Stadium and there will be plenty of room to mingle, sit in silence and remember Ray or view photos of his life. All are welcome to the funeral and the stadium to give our Ray a great send-off!


Sunday, March 06, 2016

Neighbourhood Plan

On Thursday March 10th the neighbourhood plan project for our area is being launched. 7pm at the Alexander Stadium.

The map shows the area that will be covered.

The project will last for about three years and will see local people drawing up planning rules for our area. At the end there will be a referendum for the whole community to approve it.

The steering group behind it, led by Cllr Jon Hunt, has come up with several themes.

These include:
tackling groundwater and flooding
our local centres - eg Tower Hilll, Thornbridge Avenue
local design
green spaces and open spaces

But first of all we need to give it a name and Thursday's meeting will vote on this!

Here is a Facebook poll we are running on the best name

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Lodging a formal complaint when the council lets you down?

One of the results of the wheelie bin fiasco is that some residents have tried to use the council's complaints process to get their concerns deal with. One incident in particular led to Jon Hunt tabling the following written question...



"Effective Complaints Process"


Dropped kerb delays

Quite a few residents have been affected by long delays in the drop kerb installation service. Some have paid large sums of money and waited for months for nothing to happen. Jon Hunt tabled a written question on this last week and got the following answer:



“What action is taken when no service is provided”


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Ward committee

This week's ward committee will be devoted to a discussion on what the £300,000 from the Booths Lane housing development should be spent on. The idea is to enhance local facilities (but we've got to share it with Oscott ward).

As a result the meeting is moving from its normal venue.

 Please note it will be on Thursday March 12th at 7pm at Beeches Evangelical Church, corner of Beeches Road/Thornbridge Avenue. 

Bring your ideas! 

We are mainly thinking of how Turnberry Park and the amenities at Trehurst Avenue can be improved.