Thursday, September 17, 2009

Speedway result

Planning committee today deferred a decision on speedway at Perry Barr for one year "minded to approve" and with a request to the officers to come up with appropriate conditions.

This is a wise decision very much in line with the submissions from the local councillors and many local residents, who wanted to see noise problems resolved before permanent permission is given.

The committee made it clear they want to ensure that the reduced noise exhaust systems are being introduced into speedway. Members were also supportive of our suggestion that other measures need to be taken.

The issue has generated a lot of heat and misrepresentation in the last few days as emotions have run high in some quarters.

Here is the text of what Jon Hunt said the planning committee this morning:

"Mr chairman, committee members,

Most residents are happy to live with speedway and let fans enjoy it. They just want something done about the noise. I am here to advocate solutions.

Unlike the old Perry Barr speedway, which was banked, this track is open in several directions. In addition the River Tame is flanked by factories and acts as an echo chamber creating some weird acoustic effects.

Reduced noise from the bikes would be welcome and I hope very much would work - but we also need specific measures to close boundaries of the track.

Tall fencing would be good and what about some tall, leafy trees?

Speedway says it wants to be good neighbours and many of its fans tell me it’s a community activity. We need to see it invest in good neighbourliness, not run down the residents affected by the problem as NIMBYs. Please don’t denigrate the genuine concerns of residents who have been to see me about this on a regular basis over the last three years."


Anonymous said...

Did you or did you not say something about addement to report 7. Number 6.

The validity/genuiness of some of the objections to the application is questioned, ESPECIALLY IN THE PETITION.

Any comment on that? We have the evidence MR Hunt. Funny you picked up an award at the Scrutiny Commitee... If only they knew of you incompetents on doing a simple petition.

David said...

Mr Hunt,

Remember everyone, its Coun Hunt and the Liberal Democrats who have all but finished the Brummies.

Thay have stirred up this noise debate for all its worth.

Now Mr Hunt answer the following two questions:

1 You called a meeting in May/June time when planning were present. How many people turned up and spoke against the Speedway?

2 Not content to let the planning dept notifly local residents - thats fair enough - about the upcoming planning application for the Brummies, you organised your own mailshot, did you not? How many replies did you get?

3 Why did you not come and meet the vast majority of your potential voters in this Speedway debate last night at the track to justifly your position? Well over 1,000 for against a few dozen against?

David said...

Councillor Hunt,

Could you declare if you are in business with anyone, and, er, not to put too finer point on it, are these people connected in any way with a prominent local education establishment?

guitar_art said...

"Tall fencing would be good and what about some tall, leafy trees?"

And what about listening to your own experts that say such measures would be pointless. No the real issue hear is how can we get rid of the Brummies without causing to much of a political furore.

Anonymous said...

It's quite funny this isn't the the Perry Barr Focus Team Blog... It's the Jon Hunt Blog. 100% Anti Speedway, let the speedway die at your peril. If it dies YOU will be to blame Mr Hunt and you will pay the price. You may always get elected Mr Hunt, but who said that will be the price!!!

Anonymous said...

Hunt has incurred the wrath alot of people who voted for the Lib Dems in the P Barr area with his stance and TV comments the other day regarding speedway he doesnt realise they are his precious votes they will be losing, he is well popular amongst people who go the the Aston Manor Cricket Club and Tennis Courts pub NOT.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you answered any of the question Mr Hunt?... You are my local councillor, who wont answer any questions!!!

Will you be down at Nash Square on Wednesday?

David said...

The anti Speedway Liberal Democrats were not at the noise testing.