Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Welcome to our wardens

New lake on River Tame at Perry Hall Park mid-August,
showing growth of wildlife and plants on shingle island
We now have two new officers working on the ground in our community.

* Deborah Parsons, environmental warden. Deborah's already been busy tackling problems such as: abandoned skips, dumped shopping trolleys and flytipping.

She is one of Birmingham's most experienced and effective wardens and has powers to prosecute for dog fouling and litter dropping. She's also got a reputation for helping and will be working with residents on neighbourhood clean-ups and other local issues - as well as working closely with the local cleaning team You can contact her on or try to leave a message on 303 9812. Or simply call or email your local councillors,

* Richard Weaver, park ranger. Richard is based in Perry Hall Park and will be working with the friends group there. But his brief also includes developing activity in our other parks, especially Perry Park and Kingdsown Park. Both posts are funded from the community chest which means Deborah and Richard are totally committed to Perry Barr ward - and will be accountable to the local community at community meetings.

Councillor Ray Hassall, Perry Barr ward committee chair, said: "I'm delighted to welcome these two officers and hope local people will get to know them and help them make our area a better place to live.

"Both will be working closely with the local police on issues such as anti-social behaviour and dog problems."

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